Editor of MATI

I’ve been invited to be an editor for a new journal, publishing from Yuzuncu Yil University, Turkey, called Mathematical Aspects of Topological Indices, or MATI in short. MATI publishes high quality research papers containing nontrivial results on well-known topological indices (Zagreb, Wiener, Hosoya, Randic, Estrada, Kirchhoff, Balaban indices), graph energy and energy-like parameters such as the matching energy and Laplacian energy, as well as other indices such as graph entropy and algebraic connectivity. I have accepted this role, and am quite excited about it.

If you want to submit a manuscript, please follow the link and click on the ‘Submit a Manuscript’ button. The journal publishes one volume with two issues per year, one in January and one in July. The first issue will be published next January 2019.